Student Comments

Here are some comments from previous students:

Name: Abdullah Alfairouz

Qualification: MA TEFL, 2015

Current Position: English language instructor at College of Technology, Unayzah campus, Saudi Arabia

What he had to say: “Studying at Swansea University was exceptionally enjoyable and it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. The MA TEFL programme took me to another level of study —  a level that combines depth and excitement at the same time. In this programme I learnt most of the language teaching related theories and their possible applications, which enabled me to observe a more comprehensive image of how English language teaching should be done. The practical parts of this programme, moreover, helped me to build confidence and be ready to get into the field of teaching. My MA degree in TEFL granted me many professional opportunities. Now I work as a full-time English language instructor at Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in Saudi Arabia.”




Name: Mary Ritchie

Qualification: MA TESOL, 2017

Current Position: Freelance Teaching

What she had to say: “I really counted it a privilege to study at Swansea University.  I cannot really compare it to my undergraduate degree at Glasgow University.  Maybe at undergraduate level I was too young to appreciate the privilege of being able to study. However, this time I was very aware of the opportunity I had been given. The support from the lecturers was excellent. They treated all the students with respect and really encouraged us to investigate and explore for ourselves, while giving us all the support we needed.  I loved all the lectures.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the M.A. TESOL at Swansea University to anyone. I loved my time there and really miss it.  Doing the course has increased my confidence in teaching English, and I am teaching a number of Chinese students who are studying A-Level courses.  As Swansea is a designated City of Sanctuary in the UK, the opportunities to help others and teach English to asylum seekers and refugees are limitless.  So, I am excited about the future and am looking forward to the opportunities ahead.”