Benjamin Jones – Writing My First Book


Ben Jones is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the English Language and Applied Linguistics department. His PhD “The Welsh English dialect in fiction’ (working title), is concerned with [the history of the Welsh variety of English, and its depiction in fictive media. The research covers a period of time stretching from Elizabethan theatre of the 16th century, to 20th century “Anglo-Welsh” novels, as well as contemporary narratives in film and videogames. How have writers chosen to convey the dialect? How do these representations compare to what we know today of Welsh English’s pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar? And, in what ways might the variety have been used to facilitate linguistic stereotyping?

In between his studies and teaching commitments, Ben even found time to ‘fit in’ publishing his first book Welsh English Dialect, which was published in June 2016.

He says of the project: “I recently had the opportunity to work with local-interest publisher Bradwell Books on a small edited book that caters to the Welsh English dialect. As I am studying the dialect for my PhD research here in the department, I was in a unique position to offer some of my expertise!

‪Swansea University’s English Language and Applied Linguistics department has played an active part over the years in studying the dialect, dating back to David Parry’s seminal work: Survey of “Anglo-Welsh” dialects which was initiated in 1968 (and now represented in the Archive of Welsh English).

In creating this glossary, I was given the chance not only to write for a general readership audience, but also disseminate to public readers some of the wonderful words that research here at Swansea University have uncovered.”

You can read more about Ben’s work and the great coverage he’s had this summer using the following links: