Student Voices

What do students have to say about our Applied Linguistics programme at Swansea University?

Emma Choy

Emma graduating

Emma Choy says: “During my time at Swansea University, I enjoyed the engaging and challenging coursework. For example, I was involved in a group project to create a website that utilized digital games and instructional videos to facilitate the acquisition of English grammar and vocabulary. Also, there were opportunities to participate in various extracurricular activities and events. What I enjoyed most about my degree was the opportunity to explore different areas of language and education, and to apply my learning through teaching practice and research projects“. [Keep reading Emma’s story]

Josh Richardson

Josh reflects

Josh Richardson says “Favourite second year module? ALE250 Studying Child Language and Literacy, taught by Dr Cornelia Tschichold, was quite revelatory to me. There have been many points in the module where I’ve been able to use the knowledge gained to help myself understand things that I see in developing children, as well as the problems I ran into understanding language as a child myself. You could say I prefer modules that translate well into the real world, as there’s plenty of knowledge I’ll be taking with me when I go on to teach English and work with younger folks.[Keep reading Josh’s story here]

Beatrice learning online in 2020

Beatrice Massa

Beatrice Massa says: “Working as an [Applied Linguistics] Student Ambassador, I spent a lot of time telling prospect students and their parents why it is so wonderful to study at Swansea, and especially why the degrees offered by the Department of Applied Linguistics are so great. [Keep reading about Beatrice’s undergraduate story here]

Beatrice later went on to do a Masters where she says: “I completed a master’s in TESOL at Swansea University. After graduating in July 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Applied Linguistics, I was very lucky to benefit from one of Swansea University’s Centenary Scholarships, which allowed me to continue my education and learn more about teaching English to speakers of other languages, a passion which I developed during my undergraduate studies.” [Continuing reading that story here]