Prof. Nuria Lorenzo-Dus interviewed by the BBC

Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus was interviewed by the BBC on 17th January 2017 for the evening news about her ongoing work with the Online Grooming Communication Project. You can watch the interview via the following hyperlinks:

BBC Online
BBC Online

Or, you can listen to Prof. Lorenzo-Dus on BBC Good Morning Wales via the following link:

BBC Good Morning Wales (approx. 41 minutes into the programme)

The piece was also picked up by Brazil Business Today – EIN News

You can read more about her work on the Online Grooming Communication project  in the article How Paedophiles Speak to Children Online  at The Conversation, which is an online media outlet featuring work by academics and the research community on topical issues.

In further news, Prof. Lorenzo-Dus has also secured a Santander Staff Mobility Award. She will spend two weeks in Brazil in the linguistics department of the Universidade de Brasilia, in May 2017.