MA Student Success Stories

Featured here are some of the success stories from former students on our MA TESOL programme (previously, MA TEFL)

Craig Jones, MA TEFL 2015-2016

Job on Graduating:  English Instructor (Chubu University and Nanzan University, Japan)

What Craig had to say about his MA course:

The MA TEFL (now TESOL) was a great experience for me – one that has allowed my career to progress to another level. There was an excellent balance between the theory and practice of teaching. The instructors were extremely helpful and gave me the ability to develop as a more professional teacher. The course also gave me an invaluable insight into the academic side of teaching and linguistics. I left the course feeling confident that I can produce research of my own in the future. I am currently teaching at three Universities in Nagoya, Japan, and have recently given my first professional presentation at the Japan Chubu Language Teaching Expo.


Ashwaq Alshaikhi, MA TESOL 2015-2016

Job title: Language Instructor, North West Armed Forced Hospitals (NWAFH) Nursing Institute (a branch of the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences), Saudi Arabia.

What Ashwaq had to say about her MA course:

As part of my MA TESOL, I completed a dissertation titled, ‘The Impact of English Textbooks on Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition in Saudi Public Schools’. My study revealed a relationship between the vocabulary coverage of a new generation of textbooks used in Saudi schools and Saudi students vocabulary uptake. Together with my supervisor, Prof. Jim Milton, I wrote up the study in an article for TESOL Arabia Perspectives (published February 2017). This programme has changed me academically by enriching my understanding of the topics we studied, and of the teaching profession. My experience at Swansea has deeply affected my way of thinking personally and academically. One of the main aspects of my success was a result of the way that the instructors treated us. I will never forget what Professor Milton told me the first time he saw the results of my research, “sometimes we teach students to be better than us.” I was so proud of what he said.


Magdalena Chowaniec, MA TEFL 2013-2014

Job on Graduating: Supply Teaching

Magdalena was featured as ‘student success story’ for the College of Arts and Humanities in 2015. You can read more about her story here.

What Magdalene had to say about her MA course: 

I’m so pleased that I chose Swansea for numerous reasons and undoubtedly it was the best decision of my life. My time in Swansea was unforgettable and strenuous – studying on a full-time programme and working to support my studies was of course difficult at times. But I was absolutely delighted at having such helpful and supportive staff that were passionate about their subjects and I can’t thank them enough. As long as you fully commit yourself to learning, conscientiously and meticulously, you are assured to succeed and have a great time, which I know from my personal experience. Over and above, I think Swansea is an excellent and forward-thinking University. I loved the fact that I could select the modules for my degree, which were relevant to my future career. What I also loved about my degree was that I had an opportunity to conduct a study into the differences between the way people make apologies in the English and Polish languages. I loved this research experience as it gave me an opportunity to investigate a particular speech act, in-depth, from a cross-cultural perspective. Through this experience, I have been inspired to consider doing further research and to realise which area I would like to look at in the future, which is cross-cultural differences between Polish and English.