Student Comments – Sylwadau Myfyrwyr

Here are some comments from previous students:

Name: Mike Kettle

Qualification: MA TESOL, 2018

First Position on Graduation:  English Language Instructor at Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan

In 2017 I enrolled at Swansea University to acquire a Master’s in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) because this qualification could open new doors, with even richer rewards.  I initially chose Swansea University because of the two fantastic experiences I had here previously, but I also found that the MA TESOL was ranked very highly among international institutions. Truly, the course content and support of the faculty added keen academic insight to my previous experiences and gave me not just more confidence, but a whole new set of tools to exponentially elevate my career. Within two days of handing in my dissertation in September 2018, the MA has led to unique opportunities, including interviews with prestigious universities in Japan and Aerospace institutes in Saudi Arabia.  On top of confidence and new tools, the course also helped to refine my character. This is because the standards prescribed by our lecturers are high. They expect quality and provide excellent support to students willing to rise to this challenge.  I would like to close by expressing heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the MA TESOL faculty for their support and guidance. Once again, it’s been eye-opening 🙂

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NAME: Mink Yuthika

Qualification: MA TESOL 2017

Current position: English Language Instructor, School of Liberal Arts, University of Phayao, Thailand

What she had to say: I was very impressed by the support of all lecturers. They treated students with the respect and encouraged us to share ideas with each other in class. I personally thought that this learning style was very effective. I would say that I liked all lecture classes but, honestly, I also felt a bit stressed every time I had assignment or exam deadlines, especially, when trying to finish assignments before celebrating Christmas in Scotland!However, all the pressure went when I handed in my dissertation. At the same time, that relaxing moment was also a bit overwhelming, as I knew that my joyful time in Swansea was nearly over. […]

For me, doing the MA TESOL worked as a passport that helped me get into my teaching career. I used my knowledge relating to language teaching and research skills that enabled me to have a wider perspective on English language teaching. […] I would totally recommend the MA TESOL at Swansea University where you will be surrounded by supportive people. After finishing this course, I have increased not only my professional skills but also my confidence in teaching English. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Name: Mary Ritchie

Qualification: MA TESOL, 2017

Current Position: Freelance Teaching

What she had to say: “I really counted it a privilege to study at Swansea University.  I cannot really compare it to my undergraduate degree at Glasgow University.  Maybe at undergraduate level I was too young to appreciate the privilege of being able to study. However, this time I was very aware of the opportunity I had been given. The support from the lecturers was excellent. They treated all the students with respect and really encouraged us to investigate and explore for ourselves, while giving us all the support we needed.  I loved all the lectures.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the M.A. TESOL at Swansea University to anyone. I loved my time there and really miss it.  Doing the course has increased my confidence in teaching English, and I am teaching a number of Chinese students who are studying A-Level courses.  As Swansea is a designated City of Sanctuary in the UK, the opportunities to help others and teach English to asylum seekers and refugees are limitless.  So, I am excited about the future and am looking forward to the opportunities ahead.”

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