Study abroad

Did you know that students taking BA degrees with us can go on a year or semester abroad? You will usually need to start thinking about this during your first year and then come along to Study Abroad talks at the start of your second year, where we will tell you what you need to do next. 

Student testimonial – Abbie Campfield (2023)

Streets of a South Korean city!

Hello! My name is Abbie Campfield, I am studying English Language and TESOL in Swansea University and I have had the opportunity to study in South Korea this year! My year so far has been very eventful, and I would like to share my experiences of studying abroad.

First and foremost, thanks to this year abroad, I have been able to explore different parts of South Korea, including Pohang, Daegu and other places. I have been able to visit various temples, attractions and be surrounded by the culture. South Korea is an incredibly beautiful country. The people that I have met in Korea, friends and strangers, were incredibly welcoming and very helpful to me. I knew very limited Korean, but I could see that the people that I was talking with were very happy that I even attempted to converse with them in their language. This is one of the main reasons why I encourage anyone who wishes to go to Korea for an exchange program to learn a bit of Korean, as it helps you to absorb the culture more and feel as if you are truly a part of it.

[Read more about Abbie’s experience here!]

Student testimonial – Betsy McMahon (2021)

Semester abroad options

Students can take the second semester of the second year at another university. Whilst abroad you will study at another university and need to take modules from an approved list as these marks will count towards your final degree result. Some of the countries/ universities that you can go to include:

(For general enquiries about the programme, your first point of contact is the Internationalisation Officer for the College of Arts and Humanities: Alexandra Armstrong)

Year abroad options

If you choose to take a year abroad then this is in addition to your three years at Swansea and takes place between the second and third year. Options include the following list but we regularly add new destinations.

Please note

Enrolment on a programme with a semester/year abroad does not guarantee you a semester/year abroad placement. Spaces are limited and subject to a competitive selection process. In the past, English Language students have also studied at partner universities in New ZealandCanadaAustralia, China, South Korea, Singapore and USA. While these options cannot be guaranteed each year for all subjects, you may like to take a look at our list of University-wide partnerships.