Life After Freshers – Jake Clothier

As one of the plucky freshers, starring in C4’s reality TV programme The Secret Life of Students, the outgoing Jake Clothier began life at Swansea as a mini-celebrity even before we met him in class. Having survived freshers and the subsequent years at Swansea, Jake is in his 3rd year, in the final semester, and looking to the future. Here’s what he had to say about his time studying BA (Hons) English Language and Literature. 

3rd Year English Language and Literature Student, Jake Clothier

My time at Swansea University has been immensely positive for many reasons. One of the better-known aspects of university life that I found to be positive was the level of personal independence that the experience awards you. Simply learning to live alone (including how to deal with bills, rent, cleaning, and shopping, among other things) is an important step for the majority of students, and this financial, organisational, social, and academic independence gives a great many students a feeling of freedom. I have embraced these aspects of my time at university whole-heartedly.

From the beginning of my first year I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the range and depth of the modules studied on my BA (Hons) English Language and Literature degree. The opportunity to study the scientific theories in linguistics and diverse aspects of the English language, as well as explore the artistic intricacies of literary works has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my time at university.

While at times it was challenging – learning to juggle multiple disciplines and subjects, as well as their different deadlines – it was incredibly rewarding. The skills I’ve acquired while studying at university will be relevant to any further education and in my future career. Similarly, the opportunities afforded by the university environment have given an incredible boost to potential employment and career prospects  – for example, the opportunity to edit a student newspaper, to undertake administrative roles in the English Society. Indeed, when my final year comes to a close, there is also the possibility of publishing my dissertation paper!

Swansea University has provided an enlightening and preparatory set of experiences. I am in no doubt that they, along with the independence I have gained, will prove invaluable as I aim to take a position publishing and journalism after finishing my further education.