Where are they Now? Interview with Liam Turner

Liam Turner, from Wales, came to Swansea University to study a BA(Hons) in English Language in 2012 and graduated in 2015 with a first class degree. Liam is also a recipient of the Ede and Ravenscroft 325th Anniversary student prize for outstanding contribution to student life.

Here’s what he had to tell me about his time at Swansea:

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m Welsh, and for now I still live in Wales and studied for two degrees all in Wales! The first one was at Swansea and then I went to Cardiff. My degree at Swansea University was a BA (Hons) English Language and I studied at uni from 2012-2015.


Why did you choose Swansea and what did you enjoy about your time here?

It was a nice location, it wasn’t too far from home, and it had a good reputation. I enjoyed learning new things, pushing myself, developing myself as a person…. the beach. They also had good quality lecture halls, the lectures were great, and it was handy having everything all on one campus.

Subject wise, I enjoyed learning about phonetics & IPA, the history of the English language, how language works in everyday speech, how language is used in the media. This last one was especially interesting as I got to do my dissertation on the way that different countries vary in how they report terrorism.

So, what kind of work are you doing now? 

Now (by the time this gets posted), I will be working as a content writer for a financial training company based just outside Bath. It’s my first ‘proper job’ if you like, which involves creating study content for those looking to sit their accountancy/finance/business exams.

How do you think an English Language degree prepared you for your future?

It showed me that hard work pays off, but also to look at things with a critical and analytical mind. The course and time at university generally gave me a greater understanding of the world!

Any upcoming plans?

Lots of working and lots of travelling! Career wise? Not too sure. As long as I’m still writing, I don’t really mind too much!

What was your best academic moment at Swansea?

Passing with a first. Definitely.

How did you feel on graduation day?

Um….relieved! Very happy but knackered at the end!

Any tips for our students in their final year?

Work hard (but not too) hard and don’t forget why you decided to go to university in the first place!

What’s your favourite word, and why?

‘Crestfallen’ – not one that I’d find myself using in everyday conversation but I think it’s a lovely literary word that sounds nice, looks nice on the page and is a bit more interesting than just saying ‘disappointed’ or ‘sad’!